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Flying away to eternal summer

Tenerife is the most popular of the Canary Islands due to its amazing climate and wonderful culture. This island is a concentrated Spain. Tenerife is one of the eight and the biggest among the Canary Islands which definitely will amaze you with nature, cuisine, traditions and its perfect climate that gives cool breeze during summer and cozy warmth in the wintertime. Every year Tenerife is visited by more than 5 million tourists. To cut a long story short, read this article till the end and be sure that in 10 minutes you will book a tour to Tenerife.

Beaches in Tenerife

Spain… Sunbathing…Sparkling water… Yeah, those are the first things that come to mind when you think about Tenerife. You’re right, traveler. Do not miss an opportunity to check up the list of the best Tenerife beaches.

Fañabé situated in Adeje is one of the most popular beaches in the South part of Tenerife. It is adored by watersport fans as well as by ordinary people. The high-quality water and service are guaranteed by the blue flag. This white sand beach has the entire infrastructure typical for the resort town – showers, deck chairs, toilets, etc.

Las Teresitas
10 minute ride off Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the bus № 910 and you will find yourself in the place full of palms and restaurants that offer pure Spanish seafood. This beach is beloved by the locals which are undeniably a good sign. More than that, you will bask in the sand with the thought that it was imported from the Sahara itself.

A secluded, untainted beach with black sand is an exotic curiosity that you should try. The most convenient way to get to the beach is to sail in one of the boats departing from Santa Cruz and San Andres. Surely you can go there on foot, but that is a task not for the faint hearted. The rocky path is quite tough. Oh, and get ready for a possible meeting with nudists. They love such withdrawn places.

Tenerife Nightlife

Are you looking for a different kind of rest? And you are not satisfied with calm leisure on the beach and want something vigorous, don’t you? Well, rest in Tenerife would not upset you. The choice of Tenerife nightclubs is astonishing.

Tramps in Playa de las Américas is a fashionable VIP club where you could dance to world-famous DJs. If you are a real “party animal” this club welcomes you from Monday to Sunday (10 pm – 6 am) with a new program every night.

For live music lovers, there is a vintage pub called Bulls Head in Playa de las Américas opened 8 pm – 3 am. It is the biggest island Rock ‘n’ Roll pub in the English style with low prices. It definitely has its charm and a pint of beer for 3 euros, so do not wait for an invitation!

Mature adults who are are looking for something else than the parties and R’n’B will be glad to peruse the cocktail map in the Soul Suit in Parque La Paz. Classic tunes, live music and breathtaking scenery from the terrace will make the evening in this bar remembered for many years!

Well, that’s not the complete list of such bright places. Such bars and pubs as Hard Rock Café, Crystals Palace, Los Reunidos, Lineker’s Bar, SAX Rock Bar and dozens of others serve to make your nightlife in Tenerife as vivid as daytime.

Shopping in Tenerife

Well, Tenerife is the center of the world’s tourism and surely there are lots of shops and various tourist attractions where you can refresh your clothing collection. Numerous shopping centers offer you the world’s best known brands. On the other hand, you’ve come to Tenerife, not for Zara, Gucci or Timberland, right? Try authentic Tenerife shopping! For example, Tenerife Perla in Adeje offers the pearls jewels of various forms and designs for a reasonable price! Looking for organic food and local taste? Visit Mercado Municipal de San Cristobal de la Laguna local market. Here you will be dizzy of local fruits, vegetables, and the freshest fish!

Popular Tenerife resorts

Los Cristianos
This place is the most popular resorts in the south of Tenerife. It is a little bit calmer than its fashionable and loud neighbor Playa de las Americas, however, it doesn’t mean that it is less hot and modern. Due to the geographically fortunate position of the sheltered bay, the climate here is warm and pleasant all year long. Here in the sparkling water, you will be pleased to try scuba diving or whale and dolphin watching.

Mount Teide
The Teide peak is the heart of the Tenerife island. You will become speechless from the surrounding beauty here. The volcano is surrounded by the national park and attracts about 4 million people every year! However, it is hard to reach thepeak (3,718 meters)., but the scenery from the viewpoint is worth it! Not only the whole Tenerife, but all of the Canary Islands will lie at your feet!

Playa de las Americas
Party animals, superstars, anyone who loves wild, loud, fashionable holidays and do not miss the most favorable offers on the https://www.aventura.is/ . After buying the best priced tickets to Tenerife prepare some cash to spare because at the Safari shopping center and Veronica’s strip you will definitely find something interesting to buy! Beautiful sand beaches, hundreds of bars and restaurants, luxurious villas and hotels, wonderful adventure in Tenerife will be never forgotten!

Puerto de la Cruz
Well, Puerto de la Cruz is like good wine becomes better with time. Since the 19th century, it is one of the most popular and fashionable Spanish resorts. The perfect climate, breathtaking views and historical buildings will make your trip truly unforgettable. There 7 pure beaches to chill out, almost 20 luxury hotels to stay in, 4 old churches to explore and numerous bars to hang out!

Costa Adeje
The coastline with spots of untouched nature accompanied by unbelievable modern buildings will make your Instagram subscribers jealous of not being surrounded by this beauty! As well as in Playa de las Americas there are dozens of night clubs bars and all kinds of restaurants, however, its atmosphere here is more peaceful. It is perfect for family rest and adventure with friends. Do you like hiking? No problem! Visit Barranco del Infierno! But do not forget about strong footwear!

Good to know

Airlines: As Tenerife is one of the most popular destinations and many airlines served for both Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport.
Tenerife South Airport (TFS) – the largest airport on the island. It is situated in the Granadilla de Abona municipality which is the south part of the Tenerife island.
Tenerife North Airport (TFN) located in the San Cristóbal de La Laguna (northern part of the island) which is 11km from Santa Cruz – the capital of Tenerife.
Flight time: 5 and a half hours.
Language: Spanish.
Time zone: Western European Time (Western European Summer Time UTC +01:00)
Population: approximately 904 713
Passport: A valid passport is required. Tenerife is a territory that belongs to Spain. All entry rules are the same. The EU residents, as well as citizens of Norway and Iceland, do not require Visa.
Currency: Euro
Tipping: It is not obligatory, though a tip around 5%-10% would be a sign of good manners. Take to the consideration, that 7% IGIC (Canary Island General Indirect Tax) doesn’t serve as a tip. As normally taxi drivers do not give the change, so you need to state to the driver how much you need back.
Climate: Subtropical climate. In the summer Europeans are looking here for cooling winds and during the winter they are escaping from the mainland to enjoy sunbathing.
Electricity: Normal 220 vatts.
Seat only: Checkup the best fares on www.aventura.is
Tourist tax: No
Public transport: Public transport in Tenerife is presented by the TITSA company. Their modern and comfy buses are extremely frequent and much cheaper than a taxi. Also, here is a tip – buy BonoBus card (15€ or 25€) and save on island trips.
Taxi: There are official fares to the main destinations. For example, taxi in Santa Cruz de Tenerife costs about 0.65 € per km and from 2.35 € to 3.60 € for start.
Water: It is safe to drink tap water in Tenerife, though there are too many mineral salts that tourists are not used to. So, buy bottled water to feel more secure (0.53 € per 1.5L ). Also, there are water fountains with delicious and fresh mountain water.

Places to visit in Tenerife

Auditorio de Tenerife
In addition to the impressive view and unusual architecture of the Auditorio de Tenerife, a varied program is offered. Check it on the official website of the concert hall. It consists of various performances such as "Tenerife Danza", "Jazz Atlántico", "Músicas del Mundo", "Entre Amigos" and "Grandes Intérpretes", complemented by the concerts of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, operas, and the Canary Islands music festival.

Parque del Drago
The Dracena Park is located next to the parish church of San Marcos and remains the number one attraction of Icod de Los Vinos. The famous thousand-year-old "dragon tree", which has not yet reached this age, since its age is estimated at 800 years and 16 meters height, is one of the most important natural, cultural and historical symbols of the Canary Islands.

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Since 1980 it is officially the main tourist attraction and surely performance full of fun, dances, sparks, songs, rhythm and everything that the carnival could be associated with! It is the second (after the one in Rio de Janeiro) world’s famous carnival, though as well as bright and stunning! One of the best reasons to plan your trip to Tenerife between February and March.

Tenerife on map