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Gdansk is a city in northern Poland with a beautiful old center, delicious food, and beer. Gdansk belongs to the so-called Tri-City metropolitan area together with such cities as Sopot and Gdynia. They are located along the coast of the Gdansk Bay, which is of great interest to tourists in Poland. At the same time, Gdansk is a symbol of legend and historical significance, Sopot is a symbol of entertainment, and Gdynia is a symbol of the spirit of economy. Gdansk is a half-million city, which is called the sea capital of Poland. It is an economic, cultural, scientific, tourist center of the country. So, it is not surprising that 2-3 million tourists visit it every year.

You can go-run in just a couple of hours, or shamelessly, in a gourmet way, in small pieces to consider the colors of the doors and the variety of roofs. In a tourist trip to Gdansk, everyone is looking for something of their own. Some go on excursions to learn and see as much as possible in the city. Others tend to promenade the untouched streets of Old Europe, while others do not need anything except the sea. They even agree not to swim in it (if it will be really cold), but simply to wander along the promenade and admire the gray waves. If, however, tourists want to visit the coastal city with a rich history, an abundance of interesting places and an impeccable European style, then they can surely recommend a trip to the Polish city of Gdansk.

The high season is from May to September when streets are full of crowds, especially on weekends and during school holidays with a huge number of students and visitors from all over the world. The weather is mostly good in Gdansk, but it can rain any day, it's still the Baltic. In the holiday season, there is always a sharp shortage of hotel rooms, so lovers of relaxation should comfortably take care of booking hotels in Gdansk in advance. Prices are likely to rise in this period or you risk staying without comfortable accommodation.

What to visit?

Gdansk is a picturesque Polish port city that fascinates and attracts tourists from all over the world with its thousand-year history, unique originality and beauty. In the old town, it’s not enough just to relax and have fun, the most picturesque sights of Gdansk are collected there. This city is supposedly designed for luxurious and memorable walks. And having visited Gdansk once, you’ll want to return again because such trips bring only pleasure.

First of all, tourists pass along the most important street - Długa, to marvel at the sight of the Main Square and take a photo at the Neptune Fountain. Long Lane (its name is translated from Polish) is a storehouse of architectural monuments of the Renaissance. Walking along it, pay attention to City Hall built in the 15th century. A lot of cafes for every, even the pickiest taste, thousands of tourists, a cozy promenade - this street looks like a busy anthill. Gdansk is sometimes called "northern Amsterdam." Indeed, there the resemblance is very striking.

If you go to the end of Długa, then you will run into the Central Maritime Museum. Its exposition is mainly devoted to shipbuilding and navigation. Here you can look at the old ships, the first yachts that crossed the Atlantic, etc.

On another street Mariacka, you get in the surroundings of a medieval city. Besides, you can buy amber in the shops that are found here on every corner. There is also the second-largest church in Europe and the largest brick church in the world - the Basilica of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. Admire the beautiful stained-glass windows inside, and then go upstairs to get a better view of the city.

We recommend taking a walk in the fresh air at Park Oliwa. It is located 9 kilometers from the center. In addition to the beautiful nature of Park Oliwa, you can admire the Abbey Palace. There is also a branch of contemporary art at the National Museum of Gdansk. Those who are tired of medieval buildings and want adventure, you’re welcome to the district of Gdansk Stocznia - Gdansk Shipyard. Bicycles, fairs, street food and parties until the morning - all about this place.


Some time ago, it was believed that the nightlife of Gdansk is a little boring and not at all diverse, but today a lot has changed. There are more than enough good bars and clubs that can be recommended to visit and spend a great evening and night. The nightlife of the city begins after 21:00 and will enrich your vacation in Gdansk. Most pubs, breweries, and discos in Gdansk are located in the historical center. There is a short distance between them, so you never have to sweat - just walk to reach them all.

The most famous and most visited disco in Gdansk is Bacowka Na Jantarowej. In the daytime, it is a cozy cafe in which guests are offered a wide selection of dishes of national cuisine. There is a cafe in the evenings when guests have fun on the colorful dance floor and enjoy their favorite music. The nightclub Celtic Pub is popular, which does not cease to delight visitors with bright parties. It has become a permanent venue for various music concerts and presentations. Jazz fans will love the Cotton Club, which hosts theme nights every week and plays live music. The club has an excellent billiard room, there is also a beautiful bar with an abundance of treats and signature cocktails.


In general, reviews of shopping in Gdansk confirm that Poland in this sense remains a popular destination: prices are low, the choice of quality goods is huge. First of all, there are many outlets where world brands and local products are represented.

The most popular and largest shopping center of Gdansk is Galeria Baltycka. Those who visit it for the first time should definitely take a brochure with information at the entrance to the mall, otherwise, it will not be easy to find the right store. The shopping center has more than 200 stores with clothes and shoes of various stylistic trends, sports accessories, goods for beauty and health. Even in the shopping center, a large selection of children's clothing stores is available. Shops in the city begin to work at 10 or 11 in the morning and usually close at 19 hours.

And what is a shopping tour to Gdansk without buying amber souvenirs? Amber products are still popular souvenirs for many guests of Gdansk. Choose from the best on Mariacka street. There is the largest selection of souvenir shops. Women will like magnificent jewelry from various types of amber, and men will be able to pick up beautiful cufflinks, tie clips and other curious accessories.

Good to know

Airlines: Several airlines operate to Gdansk from any part of the world, including the USA, Europe, etc. We will always offer you the flights to Gdansk at the best prices.
Airport: Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport
Distance from Airport: about 20 min (about 16 km)
Language: Polish
Timezone: Central European Time Zone
Population: around 570.000
Passport: Valid passport or visa is mandatory
Tourist visa: Not required for stays under 90 days
Currency: Zloty/Euro
Tipping: Not obligatory, but very common to give 5-10% of the bill.
Seat only: to book seats only – please find our link to great fares: www.aventura.is
Tourist tax: 5% of the room rate
Water: Tap water is officially safe to drink
Electricity: 230V, 50Hz AC. Plug sockets are round with two round-pin sockets

Things to do

Gdansk invites its guests to visit interesting entertainment venues: colorful markets and shops, discos and nightclubs, as well as magnificent parks and gardens. Moreover, there are those activities that you must take part in while being on holiday in Gdansk.

1. Visit the zoo, especially when you are on family holidays in Gdansk. The city has the largest zoo in the country, every year thousands of enthusiastic tourists visit it. Today, hundreds of animals brought from various countries live on its territory. The zoo has beautiful pavilions and aviaries that mimic the natural habitat of animals. For small visitors, a separate zone of the zoo is highlighted, in which the most friendly and cute animals are represented. Children can sit on the back of a huge hippo, feed the penguins and take memorable photos with their favorite animals.

2. Take a bicycle and drive to the Baltic Sea. Even if you’re disappointed that the sea in Gdansk is not within walking distance (8 kilometers from the city), you can combine the useful with the pleasant – take a bike for 10 PLN per hour, explore the city quickly and finally feel the tang of sea air. It should be noted that from Gdansk to the sea, along the highway, there are bicycle paths, which for the most part pass through the alleys and it is a pleasure to ride - the wind blows from all sides, the air smells sweet of linden trees.

3. Ride a Ferris wheel AmberSky to see the city from above. If you are a lazy tourist and you are not ready to overcome 400 steps up and down, you can see the city from a height by taking a ride on the AmberSky Ferris wheel. In 15 minutes, the wheel makes 3 turns, and you will see tiled roofs and gingerbread houses of Gdansk from a height. By the way, it’s very convenient to start a walk around the Old Town from the wheel.

And you also need to go on a sea excursion on a real sailing boat, visit the town of Shimbark to see with your own eyes the house standing upside down. In the city of Olive, you can become obsessed with an organ decorated with moving figures. And take the children to the Gdańsk Archaeological Museum, where they will have a unique opportunity to find some old thing in the sand prepared by the workers.

Gdansk on map